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Swansea University

Workshop on Symmetries and Asymptotic patterns

in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

10-12 June 2019

Mathematics Department, Swansea University

Talks will take place in Computational Foundry, the new home of Swansea Maths Department, located on the Bay Campus, No.10 on the Bay Campus Map.

Monday 10 June - Robert Recorde Room (CoFo 102)
11.00am Registration
12.00am Elaine Crooks (Swansea)
Spreading speeds in a competition-diffusion model with mutation
12.45pm Lunch
2.00pm Monica Musso (Bath)
Gluing methods for vortex dynamics in Euler flows
2.45pm Michiel van den Berg (Bristol)
Heat content and torsion function in non-compact Riemannian manifolds
3.30pm Tea
4.00pm Bianca Stroffolini (Naples)
Minimizers of a Landau-de Gennes Energy with a Subquadratic Elastic Energy
4.45pm Carlo Mercuri (Swansea)
Quantitative symmetry breaking of groundstates for a class of weighted Emden-Fowler equations

Tuesday 11 June - Robert Recorde Room (CoFo 102)
9.30am Catherine Bandle (Basel)
Isoperimetric eigenvalues for the lowest eigenvalue of a membrane with Robin boundary conditions
10.15am Paolo Caldiroli (Turin)
Delaunay tori with prescribed mean curvature
11.00am Coffee
11.30am Gisella Croce (Le Havre)
On a quantitative isoperimetric inequality
12.15am Alfred Wagner(Aachen)
Steiner symmetry of stationary points for a Cahn-Hilliard energy on a Torus
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Pier Domenico Lamberti (Padua)
Spectral stability and boundary homogenization for the biharmonic operator subject to Steklov boundary conditions
2.45pm Ivor McGillivray (Bristol)
Delauney surfaces suspended between spheres
3.30pm Tea
4.00pm Gyula Csató (Barcelona)
On fractional Sobolev, Isoperimetric and Poincaré inequalities
4.45pm Maria Rosaria Posteraro (Naples)
Stability results of the Log-Sobolev lnequality
Workshop dinner at Britannia Inn. Cost £25 per person.

Coach departs from the venue at 6pm and returns to the Premier Inn hotel around 10.30pm

Wednesday 12 June - Lecture Room 2 (CoFo 003)
9.30am José Carrillo (Imperial) - cancelled!
Nonlinear Aggregation-Diffusion Equations in the Diffusion-dominated and Fair competitions regimes
10.15am Vitaly Moroz (Swansea)
Asymptotic profiles of groundstates for a class of Choquard equations
11.00am Coffee
11.30am Anna Mercaldo (Naples)
Some isoperimetric inequalities with respect to monomial weights
12.15am Dmitri Finkelshtein (Swansea)
Doubly nonlocal Fisher-KPP equation: Features and peculiarities
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Filomena Feo (Naples)
A logarithmic Sobolev inequality with monomial weights
2.45pm Francesco Chiacchio (Naples)
The isoperimetric problem for two families of measures and applications to PDE's
3.30pm Tea and departures